!! How to make attachments !!

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!! How to make attachments !! Empty !! How to make attachments !!

Post  uthink on Sat Nov 01, 2008 7:14 pm

Okay, I was wondering how to attach the following things could you please help

A PDF File
A Image to be shown on the post

Please Help

MOD EDIT: I have totally changed this post Uthink did not write this just made question easier to understand and removed all posts that did not give an answer.
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!! How to make attachments !! Empty Re: !! How to make attachments !!

Post  Jason Brook on Sun Nov 02, 2008 2:50 am

Yes the forum ius using a hosting account as the space on the actual forum account is very small when you write a new post click the image shown below to host an image.
!! How to make attachments !! Picture_save
Then signup dont worry there is no spam from them not even one email it just lets you upload images to their site and then get direct link to it without even leaving this page.

I'm very sorry to say that you cannot add anything apart from images i have spoken to the hosters of this forum and they are considering aallowing me some file upload room but for now you have to host externaly and link to the file. The reason they say they do not give me uploads is this is a free account and they cannot aford to host everyones files. If they do not agree to host it in next week i will consider changing the provider of this forum if people fell i should do so and host it on my own website.
A highly recommended file hoster is Filefront.com

EDIT: Renamed this post so people can find out easier and removed all pointless posts.

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