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Website Design - I was feeling kind Empty Website Design - I was feeling kind

Post  Jason Brook on Mon Nov 24, 2008 3:07 pm

Hey all,

I woke up this mourning and i felt suddenly very kind and i thought well why dont i do something im good at for you all and i though WEB DESIGN. So if anyone wants a site to be made send me an email and i will do it for you ASAP below are terms and conditions that you must follow or yopur site will be terminated.

Terms and Conditions:
- My Copyright must stay on the site at all times and must not be hidden in anyway.
- Must agree that i do not have to maintain your site for you and the hosting is all done by you however i will upload the site for you via FTP or a web uploader
- I will not do any flash web design for free it will be HTML CSS and PHP only
- If im paid then i will edit your site the lot and maintain any servers you have.
- There is no contract involved and I/You can pull out at any time if need be
- You must understand im taking exams and it may take me a while to get your site done but i would say at the max it will be 2 months from the time we agree on a deisgn.

Paid Sites start at £5 a month email me for details on that.

Sample Works

Red Eagle Productions
made for mgrand and red eagle team

made for icycold

Link coming soon
made for Plystaire

And i have one paid project going on now that is for a professional gaming company making a game engine competing with Cryengine2 so thats going to be good.

All of these people will tell you how good i am and the quality of my work.

Jason Brook

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