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Forum Rules - Read This Now Empty Forum Rules - Read This Now

Post  Jason Brook on Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:30 pm

-You may not post nudity.

-You may not post anything sexually suggestive. By this I mean characters that are either dressed in a provocative way (such as lingerie), or posed in a provacative/suggestive way. However female/male models with simple undergarments (bra and panties/underpants) are permissable, as long as the models are not posed in a manner which violates these rules.

-There will be absolutely NO profanity, including attempts to bypass the filters.

-Users will not threaten each other; although constructive arguments/disagreements are allowed. Play nice.

-There will be no links to sites that offer pirated versions of ANY material.

-There will be no links to sites that contain nudity. By this I mean a link directly to a site that contains nudity; sites that do not contain this material, but offer links to this material are allowed. Do not try to circumvent this point, as it can just as easily be more restrictive.

-Posting for sale, or for give-away someone else's work is not permissable.

-Spamming of another members thread is not allowed. Asking an off topic question that is constructive is allowed, unless the thread's author wishes it removed.

- You must not in anyway post your age or anyone elses age on the forums

These rules are subject to change/modification, so stay informed.
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